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We accept not only import/export customs clearance for each container from one box of cargo, but also domestic and overseas delivery, packing, storage, etc.

We provide the most efficient door-to-door service for our customers by combining import/export, shipping, and land transportation from ports all over Japan.

Shipping Containers

Import / export customs clearance

When importing cargo from a foreign country to Japan, or when exporting cargo from Japan to a foreign country, an import declaration/export declaration (customs clearance) is required at the customs office.

We handle import businesses from filing to temporary storage and domestic delivery. We also handle export businesses, not only filing but also freight collection, packaging, shipping, local delivery, and their freight insurance.

In addition, we also perform agency services such as preparing documents necessary for import/export customs clearance and preparing application documents and procedures for other laws and regulations in charge, regardless of whether it is sea cargo or air cargo.


Import/export customs clearance, no worries!


Items handled: Machinery, miscellaneous goods, foods, apparel, cosmetics, stone materials, building materials, cars, dangerous goods, etc.

Handling ports: We handle ports in Tokyo, Yokohama, and other ports in Japan.


We can handle both sea freight and air freight.

We provide also excellent customs clearance services with efficient know-how cultivated through many years of experience.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about other laws and regulations related to basic customs clearance.


Domestic transportation from pick-up before export customs clearance to delivery after import customs clearance

We accept small cargo to large cargo, from pick-up to delivery.

We also accept storage, sorting and shipping as needed.

We provide speedy charter flights, reasonable consolidated flights, and delivery methods that meet your needs. 


Please feel free to contact us.


Multimodal transportation from local cargo collection to delivery


Through a network of our partner companies in different countries, we consistently provide combined DOOR TO DOOR transportation services from local pick-up to delivery, where the consignments are properly received by the consignee. For any information or query.

Please feel free to contact us.

Mover Packing

Packing well for safe transportation of important products


We accept pick-up arrangements for small cargo, palletizing packaging, and large cargo packaging.


Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Maritime Cargo Insurance for your important luggage’s


We are tied up with Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. and are engaged in insurance agency business for import and export cargo.

Please feel free to contact us regarding insurance coverage when transporting important products such as high-priced products.

Man in Suit Signing

Import / export document preparation agency

For Import/Export, complicated procedures such as creating customs documents are required.  Especially for exports, customs clearance must be completed by the shipping company's deadline.


For that purpose, the product name, quantity, price, and other details of the cargo must be declared to the customs director and permission must be obtained from them.


For those who do not have time to prepare documents or who are in trouble because they do not know how to prepare, we will act as a proxy for preparing the documents necessary for export procedures.

Our staff, who are accustomed with customs clearance and procedures, will reduce the burden on you. Please feel free to contact us.

English Table.JPG
Fresh Vegetables

Import and export of food

Import and export of food

Canned Food

Import of food and food equipment require notification to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, analytical inspection, plant quarantine by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and animal quarantine. With our technical know-how cultivated over many years, we provide accurate and prompt customs clearance and delivery services every day. For more information and query, Please feel free to contact us.

When you import food, you need to comply with the Ministry of Health’s Food and Sanitation law. Based on the submitted “food import notification form”, the food needs to undergo examination and inspection in the Labor and Welfare quarantine station. Besides food, tableware, containers, utensils, packaging and baby toys are also subject to the regulation.

There is a disease prevention law in place on the importation of food and other related products that is enforced by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries / Animal Quarantine Station. Subject for Plant Protection Laws related to food imports includes agricultural products (grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, etc.) and livestock transmission for meat (meat, ham, sausage, and other meat products).

In addition, Pharmaceutical Affairs Law may be used for health foods, and raw materials. In that case, it is necessary to confirm the products with the department in charge of  pharmaceutical affairs of each prefecture.

For other regulations, please refer to the JETRO website (

When importing food for the first time, it is necessary to undergo a component analysis

inspection at an analytical institution designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and

Welfare. After the ingredients analysis and inspection, an "imported food test result certificate"

is issued, and the result must comply with the "standards for foods, additives, etc." stipulated by the Food Sanitation Law.

In the case of food products (excluding tableware, utensils, packaging, and toys), transcripts are valid for one year, so component analysis and inspection are required for import records that date back more than one year.

The standard values and types of additives and pesticides that can be used differ between Japan and overseas, some items cannot be imported into Japan, so sufficient caution is required. If the products are judged to be non-conforming by the examination/inspection, they cannot be imported. In such a case, we will take measures such as reshipment and disposal.

Required documents

・ Raw material list (manufacturer issued)
・ Manufacturing process chart (manufacturer issued)
・ Hygiene certificate (HEALTH CERTIFICATE) (if necessary)
・ Invoice
・ Packing list

Import and export of large equipment

A Crane Lifting a Container

Regardless of whether it is new or used, we have a track record of relocating equipment to

Southeast Asia, including China. Our experience in moving heavy cargo from one place to

another is very extensive. We have achieved a lot with heavy goods. Please contact us for

factory inspection and factory unloading work, packing, customs clearance, shipping to customs clearance on the destination countryside to factory delivery.

When exporting a machine to a foreign country, whether new or used, it is the responsibility of

the exporter to confirm whether the machine complies with the Export Trade Control Ordinance, Foreign Exchange Ordinance and various laws and regulations.

(List regulation, catch-all regulation, etc.)

Applicable: Permission from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry is

required. (Application for export license/application for service transaction license).

When various laws and regulations are not applicable:  In order to confirm it at the customs office at the time of export customs clearance,  it is necessary to obtain the non-judgment from the machine manufacturer.

Since the export declaration to customs will be made only after the above applicable/non-

applicable confirmation is completed and the necessary documents are ready, it is necessary to proceed with the preparation one month or more before the scheduled export based on these procedures.

We also provide support for creating these required documents.  For more information and

query, Please feel free to contact us.

Export of used cars and auto parts

Parking Lot

If you intend to export a used car, apply in advance to the Transport Branch Office (Notify the

Agency that the car is currently registered and for temporary cancellation).   A temporary export cancellation registration certificate (export schedule notification certificate) issued by the Transport Branch Office will be issue then.  It be presented to customs for customs clearance.

In addition, the export of auto parts must be properly disassembled based on the Automobile

Recycling Law.

Applicable: Permission from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry is

required. (Application for export license/application for service transaction license).  


When various laws and regulations are not applicable:  In order to confirm it at the customs office at the time of export customs clearance, it is necessary to obtain the non-judgment from the machine manufacturer. 

For more Information and query, Please feel free to call us:

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