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Q. I'm new to Import and Export business, is that okay?

A. Our sales staff will guide and explain to you in an easy-to-understand manner.

Q. [Import] I would like to check the tariff rate of imported cargo in advance. Is it possible?

A. we can provide it to you. In addition, both customs and quarantine stations have a pre-import consultation system in writing or on the website, and investigations are possible.

Q. [Export / Import] What are the kind of cargo can you handle?

A. We can handle all kind of cargo depending on the requirements of the client.

Q. [Import] Is it possible to handle the transaction from the countryside exporting the product?

A. We can handle DOOR TO DOOR - from collection on the exporting countryside to delivery to the importer.
In addition, we can also handle customs clearance and delivery from Japan to the importing country.

Please contact us for details.

Q. Aside from Tokyo and Yokohama Ports, is it possible to handle exports/imports from other ports of Japan?

A.  Yes.  It can be handled at all ports.   Please contact us for details.

Q. [Export / Import] I don't know how to prepare the documents required for import/export. Can you guide me?

A. We perform agency business such as preparation of documents necessary for import/export. We can also help you prepare and guide you to the process of the document of your application as well other laws and regulations.

Q. [Import] Is it possible to request delivery after obtaining permission?

A. In addition to domestic delivery (whether trucks or trailers), we also accept temporary storage.  Your request for delivery is possible.

Q. [Import] After obtaining the permission, can I request storage and sorting / shipping work?

A.  We accept temporary storage and sorting and shipping work.

Q. I would like to import/export via air cargo. Do you also handle that?

A. We do also handle air cargo. Please contact us for details.


Q. What is an Importer/Exporter Code?

A. The importer/exporter code also known as "NACCS code", "Just Pro number", and "customs issuance code" is the basic code that identifies Japanese importers/exporters.

[General benefits of acquisition]

1.Simplified cargo management by ministries and agencies such as the Ministry of Customs and Health ⇒

2. Increased reliability by accumulating customs clearance records ⇒

3. Simplified customs procedures make customs clearance faster than when not acquired will be converted.

[Acquisition method] This is possible by applying to Customs (application for customs issuance code) 

or the Japan Trade-related Procedures Simplification Association (JASTPRO) .

(From October 2017, the JAST PRO code and customs issuance code was switched to "Corporate Number".

For details, please check the customs website.)

Q. What is the pre-departure reporting system?

A. This system requires shipping companies and NVOCCs to electronically report the cargo information of marine container-cargo loaded on vessels entering Japan to Japanese customs 24 hours before the vessel departs from the port of loading.

[Enforcement of the system] March 2014
[Report content] ・ Details of SHPR / C'NEE / NOTIFY ・ Product name, HS code, etc. For details,

please check the website below.

★ Customs HP: About the outline of the pre-departure reporting system
★ NACCS Center HP: Pre-departure reporting bulletin board

As a result, the shipper (SHPR) will be required to report the required information to the shipping company or NVOCC by the specified deadline at each loading site. The consignee (C'NEE) is kindly requested to inform the consignor of this fact.

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